Closing The Achievement Gap After The School Bell Rings

The Problem

There is an entrenched crisis in our city. Less than two-thirds of children in New York City graduate high school on time. Among those who graduate, less than a quarter are college-ready. And when one considers Latino and African American students, only 11% of these students are college ready.

The disparity manifests even before middle and high school - a growing body of evidence indicates that third grade is profoundly a make-or-break year. If a child is on grade level by third grade, that child is predicted to navigate a path of success. But if a child is not, the child can fall behind indefinitely. In New York City today, among children of color, fewer than 20% are on grade level by third grade.

Despite many efforts by policy makers, educators, and community leaders to solve our city's crisis, the gap still persists...

A Unique, Innovative Afterschool

The LEAD Program strives to close the achievement gap during the hours after school. We hire experienced, classroom teachers who help those struggling in school get back on track. We believe that the hours after school are a crucial time for inner-city children, a time that studies show are prime windows for experimentation with drugs, gangs, sex, and alcohol. We strive to make these hours as meaningful as possible.

The LEAD Program

In our first year of the program, we took in 15 students - all who were falling behind grade level and many at risk of being held behind for grade promotion. Using our innovative model, our teachers helped students with their homework, identified gaps in their understanding, and filled in those gaps throughout the school year. We remedied the weak areas so that the children never fall behind. All but one of our students graduated to the next grade level. After this success, our program has grown considerably in both size and programming.

The LEAD Program

We aim to expand our learning centers throughout New York City and reach a wider segment of the population.

The LEAD Program

Year In Review 2015-2016

1-on-1 Tutoring and Small Group Tutoring with Classroom Teachers.

We do not hire “Group Leaders” or “Group Aides” – we hire experienced, professional adults so that your child keeps his or her grades up.

The LEAD Program

Test Prep with a Veteran Teacher, Every Wednesday

We would like to thank Ms. Latoya Massey for her dedication to her students and we wish her luck as the Founding Principal of CAMPA Charter School in Brooklyn next year! Test prep will continue next year with more veteran teachers, once-a-week with 3rd , 4th , and 5th graders.

The LEAD Program

Enrichment Activities to Balance Out the Day and To Keep Kids Engaged

Call Us For More Information: 646-450-7765. Located Inside St. Augustine’s Church, 292 Henry St

The LEAD Program